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About me

Peter Porwoll - owner of Gomera Bikes

Peter Porwoll on a bicycle

My name is Peter and I have been the new and proud owner of Gomera Bikes in Valle Gran Rey on La Gomera since the end of June 2020, because Kai was looking for a new challenge. But don't worry - not much will change! Customer-oriented thinking, flexibility and high quality bikes will remain the figurehead of "Gomera Bikes" in the future!

Everyone who has borrowed a bike from “Gomera Bikes” knows me! I worked there from 2014-15 and have worked for “Gomera Bikes” from March 2017 until now.


I repair the bikes, process the reservations and also take care of all other wishes of my customers. However, the scooters are regularly serviced by a local specialist repair station.

I look forward to my new job and of course to our new and old guests.

Welcome to La Gomera!

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