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ein motorroller steht an der kueste von la gomera

Scooters La Gomera

Woman on scooter with flowers in the foreground

Our 125cc Agility City and Sym scooters are ideal for a leisurely tour on La Gomera. Equipped with sufficient KW, it easily brings 2 people up the mountains!

Rental details:

Every rental includes liability insurance (deductible 500 euros), suitable helmet for driver and co-pilot, gloves.


Minimum age 24 year, driving license B (car), they have at least three years, is sufficient in Spain. A current driving experience riding a 125cc scooter is a prerequisite.


29 € per day, from 3 days 25 € per day, from 7 days 19 € per day

Security deposit: 300€

Note: For reservations, a minimum rental period of three days applies.

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