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Frau fährt mit Mountainbike auf la gomera

Notes & legal regulations

Even if you don't have to expect endless bicycle colonies or racing bike groups on La Gomera, you will surely meet one or the other car on the road. But how do you have to behave then? Are there also laws or rules on La Gomera which have to be observed? Yes, there are a number of recommendations, but also legal regulations which you have to follow. The most important legal regulations and recommendations are listed below.

Apart from the legal regulations, it is also in your interest that you comply with these safety standards. Not all roads on La Gomera are tarred. Many curves, unclear road sections and unlighted tunnels do not make it easy for the hobby cyclist. And a helmet has already saved the lives of many bikers!

A cyclist looks at a mountain in La Gomera

The basis for the information listed below is the so-called Ley de Tráfico - the Spanish road traffic regulations, which must also be observed by tourists, as they too are subject to Spanish traffic law.

In case of an offence, severe penalties can be imposed by the local police or the Guardia Civil. And unlike in Germany, the penalties can be very high! It is also recommended that you do not disobey the instructions of the police and under no circumstances should you start a discussion. Please follow them immediately! 

And please always remember: Ignorance does not protect from punishment!

  • Helmet obligation: In Spain, helmets are generally compulsory for cyclists outside built-up areas, and for children and young people under 16 years of age also inside built-up areas.

  •  Motorists are only allowed to overtake the whole bike column and not individual cyclists (All cyclists must be seen as a unit and not as a single individual). In addition, motorists must ensure that there is no danger to the group during the overtaking process.

  • Riding side by side: In Spain cyclists are actually allowed to ride side by side or parallel to each other. However, a maximum of two bikers may ride next to each other and only if there are no signs prohibiting this. And if the road sections are unclear, you must also ride in a column one behind the other. It is the duty of the biker to drive as far to the right as possible.

  • Distances: Drivers must keep a lateral safety distance of 1.5 metres. If there is no oncoming traffic and the road is clear, cars can even cross the solid line to maintain the required minimum distance.

  • Cycle paths: If there are specially marked cycle paths or cycle zones, then these must be used.

  • Lights and clothing: It is always advisable to leave the front lights on. Reflectors should also be attached to the rear wheel. After dark, it is mandatory to wear reflective clothing so that you can be seen more quickly by other road users.

  • Per mille limits: The blood alcohol level is the same as for drivers. Beginners may have a maximum of 0.3 blood alcohol percentage , all others 0.5.

  • And of course it is forbidden to listen to music over headphones or to make phone calls while driving.

  • For groups over 50 cyclists a special permit is required.


All information is without guarantee for actuality and completeness!

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