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Eine Gruppe Fahrradfahrer in Playa Santiago, La Gomera

Gomera Bikes

Bike rentals, scooters and tours in Valle Gran Rey

ein fahrrad mit meer im hintergrund

Your bike rental in Valle Gran Rey

We rent high-quality city bikes, children's bikes,

mountain bikes and cross bikes!

For long-term rentals and in the off-season we offer

you fair and attractive conditions.

Why Gomera Bikes?

Fair prices, modern bikes, personal service

At Gomera Bikes you can rent mountain bikes, e-bikes, city bikes and children's bicycles at particularly favorable conditions. In our bike rental station in Valle Gran Rey we offer you the right two-wheeler for your vacation on La Gomera. Our Orbea, Electra and Lapierre bikes are made for the rough and varied terrain of La Gomera.

Would you like to book a guided bike tour over La Gomera, explore the most beautiful villages and beaches? No problem! Gomera Bikes offers its guests exciting and varied GPS bike tours across the entire island. So you can explore the second smallest Canary Island without a guide and at your own pace. You can find out how it works in the category " Our Tours ".

Would you like to rent a motorcycle on La Gomera? We have something better for you! Gomera Bikes is the only provider on La Gomera that rents out high quality scooters With our powerful scooters , you can easily the whole island.

Frau fährt mountainbike auf La Gomera

Bicycle tours on La Gomera

GPS tours - explore La Gomera on your own - independently and at your own pace!

Anyone can do a guided bike tour! At Gomera Bikes you have the possibility to explore La Gomera on your own and at your own pace! How is that possible? We offer GPS supported bike tours all over the island.

4 varied and selected routes lead you over the whole island. Use your smartphone as a mobile navigation system - just press "Start" and you are ready to go! Thanks to the location which is accurate to within a few metres, you can be sure that you will not stray from the path and will always arrive safely at your destination! No matter if you are a professional or a beginner!

All you need is a GPS-enabled mobile phone and a bike - and you're ready to go. Gomera Bikes is the only company in Valle Gran Rey that offers these GPS supported bike tours on La Gomera. Do you have any questions? Then contact us!

Eine Gruppe Fahrradfahrer in Playa Santiago, La Gomera

GPS bike tours on La Gomera

No matter whether you are a hobby cyclist, a professional biker or a bloody beginner - with Gomera Bikes you will always find the right bike tour on Gomera. Thanks to a sophisticated GPS system, you will always reach your destination safely -  on your own initiative and at your own pace!

Scooter rental 

La Gomera

Gomera Bikes is the only provider on La Gomera that rents scooters.

Our sleek Agility City and Sym scooters with 125cc are ideal for a leisurely tour of discovery on La Gomera. Equipped with sufficient KW, it easily brings 2 people up the mountains!

The structure of the island is ideal for exploring with a scooter or scooter. Evergreen landscapes in the Garajonay National Park alternate with bizarre and remote landscapes. It couldn't be nicer!

Ein Motorroller steht am Meer
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